Hans Jürgen Eysenck

This site was created to document the life and works of Hans Eysenck by making all his works publicly available.

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Hans Eysenck’s prolific output of publications was always a source of wonder to his co-workers and students. Besides sheer talent, it resulted also from the fact that he never seemed to waste a moment or miss a beat. For instance, he gave a perfectly excellent one-hour extempore lecture on the history of personality research to a group of graduate students and post-docs. Right after I was so impressed by all its interesting information and clarity of expression that I suggested he should find the time to write it for publication. Smiling, he replied that he had just done so while giving the lecture, and pointed to the tape recorder behind his desk. Several months later I read the article in the British Journal of Psychology; it was just as I had remembered it from the lecture. Professor Arthur R. Jensen​ (From: hanseysenck.co.uk – Anecdotes)

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